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This section is to post sketches, recordings, writings or other odds and ends. It functions as both a sketchpad and a personal archive. I'm uploading old posters, handbills and other things I've collected here, for lack of any better place to put it.

Butterglory, Neutral Milk Hotel, Karl Hendricks Trio

posted over 9 years ago; from 22 July 1996

This is the one that blew it wide open for me.
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Six Finger Satellite, The Convocation Of, A Stoveboat

posted over 9 years ago; from 19 December 1998

This show actually took place in Baltimore. Dan, who I was living with at the time, was a big Six Finger Satellite fan and also loved Moss Icon, who I was just getting into.  He found out somehow (as I don't think the Internet was involved) that Tonie Joy's new band The Convocation Of were playing, so we drove down to it.
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Experimental Audio Research, Bobby Conn, the Johnsons, Land.

posted over 9 years ago; from 11 December 1998

The first real Land show with me in it.  I guess we were insisting on a lowercase L then, and the full stop/period at the end.  EAR was a mess of circuit-bent speak and spells; Sonic Boom dug our messy set and wrote down his address for us to send him stuff, but I couldn't read his writing.  He smelled like a walking pot plant.  Land was a trio that night, or maybe a bassist.  I have no memory of Bobby Conn's set.  The Johnsons were probably great.
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Pasta night 1: The Saint Syndicate, 53rd State

posted over 9 years ago; from 09 February 1999

The first pasta night was a hit; it was the first (or second?) show for the Saint Syndicate, a short-lived Pittsburgh band that was heavy on the organ, and boasted a strong influence of mod 60's pop.  They were fronted by an artist who later moved to NYC and was tragically murdered, and I don't think the few recordings they made ever surfaced.  A friend from high school was playing bass in the band, though we weren't friends anymore by this time, and I'm not entirely sure if he was still in the lineup then.
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Melt-Banana, Monorchid, Shale, Arab on Radar, the 1985

posted over 9 years ago; from 08 November 1996

I started going to see independent/"underground" music at a very early age - I somehow convinced my parents to drive me to CMU in 1993 to see a couple of shows; even though i had to leave before the final acts, I'm pretty sure I saw Guided by Voices on the Vampire on Titus tour, though I don't remember anything of it.
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No Neck Blues Band, Meisha, Land

posted over 9 years ago; from 10 June 1999

It's astounding how many of these posters are from 1999 - I don't know how I managed to work and study at the same time. I think this one was the pinnacle of my concert-organising work in Pittsburgh, and I'm amazed that it was 1999, as I swore this happened in 2000.  Despite all of the indie rock and post-hardcore shows I was organising, I was playing minimalist/experimental music myself in Land, and my main interest was in drone, psychedelia and outer sounds.
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Pasta nights of 1999

posted over 9 years ago; from 09 February 1999

I actually thought I would have more flyers from other promoters here, when digging through these piles of 13-year old US letter-sized sheets.  Most of them are shows that I organised myself, or with Dan or Doug, which makes sense cause I would have Xeroxed these myself and had some left over.
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The Better Automatic, Faraquat, Shale

posted over 9 years ago; from 18 October 1998

This has the distinction of being the first show I ever organised, though to be completely honest my flatmate at the time, Dan, actually organised and executed this.  But we were setting up the show 'together' - I think I worked the door - and it showed me how easy it actually is to make things happen.  I felt like things had changed after this; for the next 2 years I was pretty actively involved in setting up shows while at the same time playing music myself in 1-2 bands and somehow getting through Uni intact.
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Run On, Five Ball, The Low Numbers

posted over 9 years ago; from 17 September 1997

I seem to have saved a large concentration of posters from 1997 and 1999 especially right after I started University which was September '97.  I think at the time I was affixing these to the wall of my bedroom to make a tapestry of musical memories.
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