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This section is to post sketches, recordings, writings or other odds and ends. It functions as both a sketchpad and a personal archive. I'm uploading old posters, handbills and other things I've collected here, for lack of any better place to put it.

Daevid Allen's University of Errors, Need New Body, Dead Meadow, Dean Swagger

posted about 3 years ago; from 16 August 2000

I organised this show for Daevid Allen of Gong and Soft Machine, who was touring in a new project that was pretty lively –– much in the spirit of chaotic psychedelic that made the best Gong records so great, and doing a few of his old hits, but also improvisatory, spacey, and built around Allen's personality.
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Atom and his Package, Human Investment, 53rd State, Redrum

posted about 3 years ago; from 29 October 1998

My flatmate in 1998-99, Dan, set up a lot of shows and I helped sometimes. This was another where he did all of the organising and I just helped at the door or somewhere else (the primarily heavy/hardcore lineup indicates it wasn't something I would have booked on my own). It's at a very forgotten bar called Pluto's that I guess were into doing all ages shows,which was rare, and was on the second floor.
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Dub Narcotic Sound System, D+, The Johnsons, The Blazing Bulkheads

posted about 3 years ago; from 22 September 1997

I made this flyer, for my band was playing, though Manny booked the show. That's you you get my terrible 1997 design style of all-lowercase mixing of serif/sans-serif fonts with Manny's phone number.
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Chisel, The 1985, Spitoon, Daytime TV

posted about 3 years ago; from 11 March 1997

This is a pretty formative concert experience of my teenage years, so I'm thrilled to have the poster still.
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All-American Radio, The Saint Syndicate, The Subterraneans, Knifeface Orchestra

posted about 3 years ago; from 05 December 1998

I think this one of the first shows i set up entirely on my own, as by living with Dan people had our number and would call up and ask if we could help, and send cassette demos through the post. 1998 - it's ancient history now.
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ADD fest 2 larger flyer

posted about 3 years ago; from 14 November 1998

My terrible design, including the bizarre idea to have an 11x17" sized concert poster in landscape mode.
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ADD fest 1 first flyer

posted about 3 years ago; from 14 November 1998

I cringe a bit at the name 'ADD Fest', which is neither sensitive towards sufferers of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, nor is it even the correct acronym (it was renamed in 1987, long before this). But for a few years I was forever associated with this annual local 'fest', and if anyone in Pittsburgh remembers me at all, it may be for this over anything else I was part of.
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Thurston Moore, Tom Surgal, & William Winant; Ken Vandermark 5

posted about 3 years ago; from 21 June 1997

Part of the Mellon Jazz Festival, which used to have one or two interesting avant-leaning concerts in an otherwise bland programme. I missed Cecil Taylor, and Anthony Braxton, and I'm not sure why I did.
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Indie Fest '97

posted about 3 years ago; from 16 June 1997

Here's an all-time weird vibe concert, one I remember parts of vividly and other parts of not at all.
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