Five reasons why I created an Onlyfans account

posted: 08 December, 2020

If you would like to spend $4.99 per month to see me post biweekly video essays about music and other things on my mind, please go to and subscribe to my Onlyfans. $1 of that goes to Onlyfans; $1 I will donate to the Democratic Socialists of America; the other $3 will go towards maybe buying myself a tripod or some better gear.

This video trailer will explain why I am breaking character and trying this out. I apologise for asking anyone to give me money to talk about records. This commercial intrusion will likely stay atop the icewhistle/ website for some time given how rarely I post here, and being that the previous post announced a set of books I released in January 2020, one might think that I have gone totally 'mersh'. In reality, I am just looking to spice up my life with a little dance on the darkside, by which I mean commercialism. 

We apologise for this intrusion.

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